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You've reached the unofficial home of Texas Tech track and field. Here, you'll find the biggest archive of results, pictures, and biographies for Texas Tech track on the net. And best of all, it's maintained by current team members, so you know you're in the hands of people who care. So dive right in! But don't blame us if you lose track of time...

The current maintainer is Tom Williams, a graduated distance scrub.
You can contact him at ttuxc(at)lycos.com
(He asks that you have something like "Texas Tech track site" as the subject line)



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5/9, 1:00 PM:
Some long overdue housecleaning today. The Links page was dying slowly and I don't have time to maintain it properly, so I've moved what's left to this thread on the message board. Go ahead and add whatever running-related links you believe people might find interesting. Some other irrelevant pages are also gone.

I'll try to start adding results again this summer.

6/12, 8:00 PM:
NCAA championship results are up.
5/28, 11:30 PM:
Results for Day 3 of the West Regional are up.
5/27, 10:15 PM:
Results for Day 2 of the West Regional are up.
5/27, 1:30 PM:
Results for Day 1 of the West Regional are up.
5/15, 11:00 PM:
Day 3 results for the Big 12 Championship are up.
5/15, 2:15 PM:
Day 2 results for the Big 12 Championship are up.
5/14, 12:30 PM:
Day 1 results for the Big 12 Championship are up.
5/8, 10:00 PM:
Results for last weekend's meets are up.
5/1, 9:15 PM:
Results through the Texas Tech Invitational are up.

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